About Us

We work with large and small businesses in the corporate, educational and non-profit sectors. We have the experience and creativity to create solutions for your company.

Peter and Lissie started Sweet and Fizzy in San Francisco in 2002 working for corporates clients. Moving back to Massachusetts in 2003, they continued building websites for clients and began designing and developing interactive museum exhibits, receiving a Gold Muse Award in 2005 for animation.

They adapt to technology most useful for each project, value their clients, and focus on making project experience smart and enjoyable.

Peter King

Peter began his digital career in San Francisco in the early 1990s, working on print projects and then online interactive ads and video motion graphics. He enjoys keeping his digital skills current and finding compelling creative solutions for his clients.

His skills include HTML5, CSS3, Javascript+Jquery, WebGL, responsive web, web apps, WordPress & Drupal CMS, Flash ActionScript, multitouch development, logo design, motion graphics animation, illustration and photo retouching.

Peter enjoys science, math, art, fractals, generative art, creative invention, collaborative web technology, and natural user interfaces.

Lissie Fein

Lissie was a classroom teacher before she began her digital career working on educational cd-roms. She next took a job as interactive designer at Landor, a premier branding firm in San Francisco, doing work for Hewlett-Packard, Charles Schwab, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Lissie enjoys taking complicated content and making it understandable, and compelling. She listens well to her clients needs, and enjoys smart design, collaboration and creating innovative learning experiences. Her skills include interface design, information design, project management, content strategy, HTML, CSS, Adobe applications, WordPress & Drupal.