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The ACCESS Support Portal supports the national research computing community on cyberinfrastructure funded through the National Science Foundation. We built the Drupal website and custom modules provide a knowledge base, community-building features, integration with a ticketing system and other services via API.
Custom content types allow projects to be posted and matched with community members who have appropriate skills to assist with a project using a shared taxonomy.
The portal is designed to be professional with a touch a whimsy and has received excellent reviews from the community.
The portal is connected to other services through APIs that synchronize membership information, outage announcements, Constant Contact list membership for email broadcasts, posts on a related Discourse forum, as well as other services.
Integration with OpenAI's GPT-4 chatbot provides suggestions for tagging posts based on the content of the post.
Analytics are configured to help understand how people are using the portal and improve their experience while navigating it's services. Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Looker Studio, and Microsoft Clarity tools are part of the implementation that provides insight into the ACCESS Support Portal.