Digital marketing connects you with your audience.

It helps you understand and reach your customers through social media, email, web, and other channels. We can provide valuable insight into how people interact with your content and improve your metrics including conversion rates to sales, views, likes, and other calls to action. Our team can also work with you to build content strategy and brand development on an ongoing basis.

Initial Configuration

During the initial configuration phase, we will install analytics tools and prepare basic reports that help understand how people are interacting with your website. We will review the reports with you and identify conversion events, calls to action, funnels, and identify current and potential marketing channels.

Setup and configuration of analytics tools:
  • Google Analytics (GA4)
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Google Search Console 
  • Google Data Studio (GSM)

Basic Reports:

  • New, Active, and Total Users
  • Sessions and Engagement
  • Pages with the most views and engagement
  • Session Origin / Entry / Exit Report
  • Technology Report
  • Demographic Report
  • Path analysis


  • Present and discussion reports
  • Identify conversion events, calls to action, funnels
  • Identify current and potential marketing channels

Initial Cost


Ongoing Reporting

We offer monthly and quarterly reports analysis service if you would like us to review analytics with your team on a regular basis.

Monthly Report

$250 per month or $2500 per year

Quarterly Report

$250 per quarter or $900 per year

Campaign Phase

  • Identify goals
  • Build content strategy for channels, including social and email
  • Tag actions and conversion events for GTM
  • Create funnel reports
We can work with your marketing team to create the appropriate content for your campaign or our team can create material for you. After campaign completion, we will analyze the results so you can understand how successful your campaign was and prepare recommendations to improve conversion rates for future campaigns.


$75 per hour

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