Emily Dickinson Museum


photo restoration

Interactive Web Tour


We created a web tour including include photos, videos, poems, and stories to give visitors a virtual view into the home of Emily Dickinson and the neighboring family home. We developed a custom WordPress plugin that meets W3C WAI accessibility standards to ensure that content can be enjoyed by everyone.
In this online exploration, you will visit several rooms within the two houses of the Dickinson family. Along the way you will see video and photographs of these historic spaces and learn more about how the poet’s life unfolded here. You will meet friends and family members, and encounter Dickinson’s own words quoted from extant poems and letters. Wherever you are, we hope this virtual exploration transports you to Emily Dickinson’s Amherst home.
3D videos allow visitors to get an immersive perspective from many locations in the house.
An interactive map highlights the floorplan of the houses. Dragging the map allows visitors to rotate the floorplan to imagine it from different angles and click on various rooms to view the virtual tour in another room.
Emily Dickinson's handwritten poems appear along with the text.