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For three years we have been creating the booth graphics to represent the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center for the largest supercomputing conference in the world. The booth included informational panels, a slideshow, an interactive kiosk with attract animation, and a website highlighting projects at the MGHPCC.
We create a variety of branded materials for each conference, aligning the MGHPCC and SC brand guidelines.
A kiosk with an animated attract loop displays photographs of researchers and their work in a way that entices people to enter the booth and interact with the informative display.
A 20 foot tower enables conference participants to spot the MGHPCC booth from across the floor.
Each research project displays a video and other information about the project and researchers involved, using a custom content type.
Print displays mounted in the booth contain information about the MGHPCC, especially focusing on it's green credentials and partner institutions. QR codes direct people to the website for additional information.